Soul Food

In this day and age, there are so many different kinds of foods to choose from – a huge variety of cuisine selections and an even broader base of chefs waiting to share their creations with their willing customers. Being a chef doesn’t necessarily mean you work in a 5 star restaurant or even a local burger joint. These days the most amazing and sensational taste creations can come from food trucks that travel from location to location sharing the cuisine local to their area with the public.

Think about it, what day of shopping is every complete without some street food from the local and resident food truck or a creamy, delectable ice cream from the vendor on the corner operating from a food truck? No day is complete without such an experience and you are definitely missing out if you haven’t yet experienced it.

Starting a restaurant is a huge undertaking and a costly one at that but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. Start small but continue to dream big. Imagine the possibilities of a food truck. Imagine the freedom you have to explore areas all over the country and learn about different cuisines which of course you can take with you and share on your travels. Learning to cook isn’t all about measuring spoons and blenders, it’s about passion and on the job experiences.

A food truck is the perfect opportunity for you to experience all that the world of food has to offer. It may not be the quaint restaurant you dream of but it is a starting block on the path towards your goal. Who knows you may find that this life of travel, excitement and learning is exactly what you were missing.